OK now i know i will do that one again .. with a little more time

in October 2009 i had aconference in Edinburgh and afterwards Ricky and i got a rental and circled scotland
here is what we have done ... castle here castle there .. loch here loch there ... sheep her sheep there ...
but see for yourself

Edinburgh Castle ... from the bottom

Edinburgh fetzt !!!

After little sightseeing in Edinburgh .. we got the car and wanted to go up the westcoast ...
one of the first stops Inveraray Castle ... really could see myself living in that one

after helping the little "ball" mouse we went up the coast and into the highlands

whats this ... tea in the pub .... how dare you ?

we call this "fold" = f_cking cold
anyhow .. the next castle is calling

and after that famouse Loch Ness ... seen no monster or anything like that

after loch here loch there .. lets have another castle .. fort george

the first thing we seen there were some alien mushroom circles ... how wired

and then we had to find the next B&B ... but there was sooo much to choose from

we chose the one on the right .. more a hotel ...

next castle ?

all this in the perfect fall weather

another castle along the way ...

see whats runnin around here

what a location ... the right place to have bungalow like that .... ocean vie inclusive

all pictures taken by gunnar heilmann